'The Box That Almost Made Me Throw Up' (Or 'Why God Made Interns') - Stuff That Came

EA has a controversial past when it comes to PR stunts. "Dante's Inferno" was the most recent example, with the campaign featuring checks for $100 mailed out to various games writers (an example of "Greed"). The company's latest stunt, a promotion for "Bulletstorm," arrived today. After briefly peering in the box, I decided there was only one person who could handle the job of uncovering the box's contents: Andrew MacLean, MTV News intern extraordinaire.

You can experience what he experienced in the video above, though I'm afraid you'll have to imagine the smell that raw meat gives off. Mad props to Andrew, he was a trooper.

I would've taken a few more high quality shots of the package, but I starting feeling queasy and had the box incinerated. Rest assured it had something to do with turning space mercenaries into meat.