'Trine' Developer Announcing New Title At E3

"Demon's Souls" publisher Atlus and "Trine" developer Frozenbyte announced a partnership for an upcoming game to be released in 2011. While details about the title remain unclear, the publisher has promised to reveal more information at this year's E3.

"Frozenbyte has established itself as a premiere international developer, delivering original, critically-acclaimed interactive entertainment," said Tim Pivnicny, Atlus' VP of Sales and Marketing, "We're incredibly excited for the opportunity to help them bring their next impressive project to the international gaming community."

Last year, Frozenbyte released the indie platformer "Trine" on PC and PSN. Featuring a blend of physics-based puzzles and cooperative gameplay, "Trine" managed to earn a name for the small Finnish developer. The game was released by Nobilis, a smaller French publisher, and it's clear that Frozenbyte is seeking a much broader release through Atlus.

"As an independent developer we felt that partnering with a publisher who is flexible and shares our vision of the game was the best way to bring the game out to a large audience," stated Frozenbyte CEO, Lauri Hyvärinen.

There's also no word on which platforms this new game will be released. Here's hoping Frozenbyte has overcome those console development hurdles.