Respawn Entertainment Touts 'Big Time' E3 Announcement (Update: Or Not)

Modern Warfare 2

Update: After reaching out to EA regarding the page, it appears it's not official in any way shouldn't be considered as a viable news source. So yeah, Respawn is likely to be relatively hush-hush this E3.

Original Story: Jason West and Vince Zampella didn't waste any time in their search for a new home after departing Infinity Ward. Their new studio Respawn Entertainment has yet to divulge what their first big project will be with publisher EA, but judging from a tease yesterday, we could find out about it at E3.

"Big time announcement at E3 next week," an announcement on the pair's Facebook page read yesterday. "Stay tuned, kiddies!"

The speed with which West and Zampella managed to get their ducks in a row (and former colleagues into a new office) during the last few months has been impressive, as has the number of lawsuits that have ensued. Still, when you're coming off of a year that saw Infinity Ward release "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" and generate the boatload of cash that came with it, no one should be surprised that language and legal threats between West and Zampella and Activision have been so heated.

Respawn's first title announcement could be the happiest moment to come out of the entire ordeal, however, if they manage to leverage their talent and proven development capabilities. The former Infinity Ward heads reportedly wanted more creative freedom, and if their surprise turns out to be their first new game, we'll all get to find out what freedom really means to them.

Do you think Respawn's announcement will be a new game? What kind of title do you want to see them make? Share your predictions in the comment section below.

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