iPhone 4 Release Date, Price And Other Handy Tidbits

iPhone 4

If you've been living under a rock for the last few hours, let me be the first to tell you that Apple has a new iPhone in the works and it's coming out soon. Very soon. This month, in fact! Since there's a lot of info floating about in a crazy tornado of techie lust, I'll try to break down everything iPhone 4-related into handy bite-sized chunks. And away we go!

iPhone 4 Release Date

June 24

This is across 5 countries. More countries will be getting the iPhone 4 in July.

iPhone 4 Price

$199 for 16GB flavor (either white or black)

$299 for 32GB flavor (either white or black)

iPhone 4 Battery Life

• Talk over 3G: 7 hours.

• Browsing over 3G: 6 hours.

• Browsing over Wi-Fi: 10 hours.

• Video: 10 hours.

• Music: 40 hours.

• Stand-by: 300 hours.

New Back Camera

5 megapixel (instead of 3 in 3GS)

Shoots 720p HD video at 30 FPS

Higher sensitivity to light than 3GS (better in-the-dark photos/video)

LED Flash

New Front Camera

Positioned next to the ear hole

Allows for video conferencing over WiFi

Standard VGA resolution


960?×?640 pixels

3.5 inch screen

Covered by scratch-resistant glass