Nintendo 3DS Rumored To Out-Power The Wii

Nintendo 3DS vs Wii

Nintendo's 3DS has been a closely guarded secret going into E3. So far, we've heard that it might come in October, it might have a 3DSWare store, and its screen might resemble one displayed by Sharp. Now, some anonymous sources from inside the industry have reported that the graphics capabilities in the handheld unit may surpass those of Nintendo's current console.

An in-progress 3DS that's been shown behind closed doors came closer to emulating HD-ready consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 than it did the Wii, according to a report on IGN citing unnamed developers. IGN's sources also claimed that Nintendo will grab its processing power from something other than the NVIDIA Tegra mobile chipset that's been mentioned as a candidate elsewhere.

The pressure will be on Nintendo at E3 this month to match the surprises and success they achieved with the Wii and DS when they broke from industry trends before. While Sony and Microsoft push their console motion controls with Project Natal and the PlayStation Move, Nintendo appears to be the only one focusing on handheld 3-D technology. If they really do have near-HD-quality graphics to put on display, this device will turn some heads.

How big of a splash do you think the 3DS will make at E3? Do you think Nintendo will break out some surprises? Share your predictions in the comment section below.