WWDC 2010 Live Blog: New iPhone And More


In just a few minutes, Apple will be kicking off their much-anticipated WWDC 2010 press conference, which will highlight the next new iPhone, and will likely reveal the date of iPhone OS 4.0. Thankfully these speculations need only last until 10am PST, as that's when the presentation begins. We'll be live blogging the events as they happen, so stay tuned!

(Time line below is from newest to oldest)

11:56 - And that's all! Important things to remember:

Pricing on iPhone 4

$199 for 16GB

$299 for 32GB

Eligible as an upgrade from AT&T

On sale June 24

iOS 4 launches June 21

11:53 - Jobs is wrapping things up. Talking about how Apple is a mix of tech and humanity. Awww.

11:45 - iOS 4 info - "For the 3G, not all the features are supported, same with the iPod touch, and this excludes the first generation. Upgrades are free for all these products." iOS 4 launches June 21.

11:44 - Pre-orders start a week from tomorrow. Shipping to 5 countries at launch. More in July.

11:42 - AT&T users: If your contract expires anytime in 2010, you can upgrade to a iPhone 4 instantly without incurring a charge.

11:41 - Pricing on iPhone 4

$199 for 16GB

$299 for 32GB

Eligible as an upgrade from AT&T

On sale June 24

11:36 - It's called FaceTime. Allows for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video chat, only over WiFi. Video showing off the ways in which people might use it. You can flip the video feed to the rear camera to show people what you're looking at. The future of bootlegging movies! Oh, and I guess it lets people use sign language to talk over the phone. Yeah, that's a much nicer way to use it.

11:32 - iPhone 4. One more thing...video calling. Jobs calls up Jony Ive (the dude he called at the first iPhone presser) and starts a video chat. Thumbnail in the corner is you, full screen is the other person. Freezes for a second...uh oh...more tech problems? Ok, it's working again. Jobs and Jony talk about The Jetsons and living in the future of video calling.

11:30 - Oh, I see. You can enter to win a Leaf. iAds is launching for all iOS 4 devices on July 1st. Which means the new phone and iOS 4 launch is coming this month!

11:26 - Showing off a Nissan ad for their upcoming electric car, the Leaf. Apparently the only way to pre-order a Leaf is to do it through the iPhone app? This is a car we're talking about.

11:22 - Last update: iAds. "Why are we doing iAds? To help our developers earn money." Apple earning a ton of money is just a nice bonus. Jobs describing all the benefits of iAds. Lists out the brands that'll be advertising with iAds. Nissan, Citi, AT&T. What, no BP?

11:21 - Showing off the iBookstore, which only sells books. Separate from iTunes.

11:16 - Next feature: Bringing iBooks to iPhone when the iPhone 4 launches. Buying a book on one version makes it available for free on other versions. Just like the Kindle. Also like the Kindle, syncs your location wirelessly so you can pick up where you left off on another device. Showing off the PDF viewer on iPhone.

11:15 - Gold master candidate in the hands of developers today. "It will be out soon." Sorry, no surprise iOS 4 release today!

11:13 - Discussing some of the new Enterprise features. Business-y stuff. Data protection, device management, multiple exchange accounts on a single phone.

11:11 - Some improvements to Mail. Conversation threading and a unified inbox for multiple accounts. Showing off how folders work. Old news, Steve!

11:08 - Discussing iOS 4 features. Multi-tasking, which we know about. And folders. Boo-ya. Apparently some new stuff to reveal today.

11:07 - Back on track. iPhone 4.0 OS! It's getting a name change. Now called iOS 4. Fancy.

11:06 - Jobs just asked a room full of tech journos to turn off their MiFi and networking cards so they can figure out the tech problems they were having. Uh, ridiculous.

11:03 - Finished iMovie files can be exported in 360p, 540p or 720p. Will be available for purchase for $4.99.

10:58 - Adding iMovie for iPhone. Showing off how it works, complete with time line editing and scrubbing thumbnails below. You can add photos to a video that zoom in and out to add motion on stills like in a History channel documentary. You can add titles and transitions.

10:54 - "Whole new camera system." 5 megapixel (instead of the 3GS's 3 megapixel). Also adding a "backside illuminated sensor." Records HD video. 720p at 30fps.

10:52 - Adding a 3 axis gyroscope, "perfect for gaming." Steve shows off a demo with wood blocks reacting to how he turns the device. It's Jenga!

10:51 - More system stats:

Dual mics, 802.11n WiFi, GPS, compass, accelerometer

Quad band HSDPA, 7.2Mbps

10:49 - Battery stats:

7 hours of 3G talk

6 hours of 3G browsing

10 hours of WiFi browsing

10 hours of video

40 hours of music

And 300 hours of standby

10:47 - A4 Processor, micro SIM card. Jobs shows opened up iPhone 4. Battery takes up like half the space!

10:45 - Display:

960 x 640

800:1 contrast ration, 4x better than the 3GS

IPS technology (better than OLED, apparently)

3.5 inch display

78% of the pixels on the iPad

10:43 - Steve moves on quickly, starts showing off the new camera. Distraction! Oh wait, it's working again. Ok, showing off some photos that look prettier on the iPhone 4. Ok, we get it, our expensive old phone is now junk.

10:42 - Heading over to NYTimes.com. Uh oh, the 3GS loaded up fine, the iPhone 4 notsomuch!

10:38 - "Retina Display" - Allows for 4 times the pixels in the same space. Getting pretty techie here, but basically the display allows for much sharper images. Showing pretty pictures of flowers looking much prettier on the iPhone 4. Compares app store icons on 3GS to 4...look sharper on 4. Way to make us feel bad, Steve.

10:37 - Stainless steel for "strength." Glass screen for optical quality and scratch resistance

10:35 - Front camera next to the receiver. Home button in usual placement. Back camera has LED flash. Second mic at the top. Antenna hidden in the "band" wrapping around the phone. Saves space, I guess?

10:32 - New design. Metal sides, just like the one Gizmodo got their hands on. Round, metal volume buttons on the side. Skinny, metal silent switch. 24% thinner than iPhone 3GS. "The thinnest smartphone on the planet."

10:32 - iPhone 4 announced! 100s of new features. Steve will cover 8 of them with us.

10:30 - Moving on to the iPhone...some marketshare data. Yawn! Bring on the new iPhone! Going over historical data on the iPhone. How far it's come, the important updates, etc.

10:28 - Steve is back to talk about sales. Apple has paid out 1B to developers for app sales.

10:23 - Next up is an Activision rep to talk about "Guitar Hero" on iPhone. Featuring Queen and The Rolling Stones. Looks like Rock Band iphone. Single full-screen note highway. Added a new "strum" mechanic in addition to the usual tap mechanics. Available right now on the app store for $2.99.

10:19 - Zynga takes the stage. Announces "Farming" for iPhone. It's not called "Farmville" on iPhone for some reason. Syncs to your Facebook farm, letting you waste time wherever you are! In app purchases on iPhone, like an exclusive snow leopard for your farm. Uh, yay? Push notifications on withering crops, like in "We Rule." Available at the end of June.

10:17 - Netflix app for iPhone is coming later this summer. Ability to search instant queue and add new movies to instant queue. Handy for when you want to add stuff for viewing on Xbox 360!

10:15 - eBay app has been downloaded 10M times and did $600M in sales. Poised to do 1.5B to 2B this year.

10:13 - Moving on to the App store and apps. 15K submissions per week in 30 different languages. 95% of apps approved within 7 days. Discussing reasons why certain apps don't make it. They crash or they use private APis, or they don't function as advertised.

10:11 - Discussing changes to the iBooks app. You can now make notes and there's a new bookmarks page which integrates notes and bookmarks. They're also adding a PDF reader into iBooks, which makes all those other PDF readers kinda worthless.

10:07 - Montage of news reports on the iPad. 35 million app downloads, 17 apps per device. 8500 apps made for iPad. Steve is showing off a few apps. The Elements, which is already out.

10:04 - Discussing updates now. Starting with the iPad. Talking about how super awesome the iPad is. Yeah, it's pretty good. Apparently it got some dude in a cafe the attention of a girl and he emailed Steve about it. One iPad sold every three seconds.

10:02 - Steve gives introductory stats about the conference. 5200 attendees from around the globe.

10:00 - Steve Jobs takes the stage. Gasp! Blue jeans and a black turtleneck!

9:59 - Louie Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" blaring on the speakers. The lights are dimming! Showtime.

9:57AM - Announcement to turn off cell phones and other things that go beep. A hush falls over the crowd. Starting in mere moments. Maybe the whole press conference will just be about how awesome iPhone folders are.

9:45AM PST - The theater is filled to capacity. Giant Apple logo on the screen as per usual. This isn't first-hand, but Apple's PR is reportedly saying that people won't be disappointed with today's events. Of course, they're paid to say that!