'2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa' Spoils Results, Reveals Spain As Winner

FIFA World Cup South Africa

We don't even have machines that can accurately predict whether I need an umbrella next Tuesday, so forgive me for being a bit skeptical when EA Sports says that their "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa" game has named Spain as the winner over Brazil in a 3-1 match on July 11 to win its first World Cup. According to a press release, however, that is exactly what the title's "market-leading EA Sports soccer engine" has done.

"EA was able to simulate the 2010 FIFA World Cup and test all 32 teams under the same conditions they will face in the weeks ahead," the announcement explains. The experiment predicted that Spain would come out on top with the host country of South Africa bowing out of the tournament first, leaving Spain's David Villa to win the Golden Boot with seven goals and Brazil's Kaka to earn the Golden Ball.

I'm reminded of the time that EA's technology allowed me to predict via Madden that Edgar Bennett would out-pass his teammate Brett Favre for 500 yards using halfback pass calls in Super Bowl XXXI with Antonio Freeman receiving for well over 1000 yards. This unfortunately did not happen in real life, and I suspect these World Cup scores won't either.

They are fun to look at, though, and if you're from South Africa, they're definitely something to get fired up about going into your first match.

Who do you want to see win the World Cup in South Africa this year? Do you think EA's predictions seem reasonable? Share your opinions in the comment section below.