'Mass Effect 3' To Bring Back 'Fun And Lightness' (And Ewoks?)

Mass Effect 2

If "Mass Effect 2" was designed to be "The Empire Strikes Back," in the ME trilogy, you might expect some really dark scenes when "Mass Effect 3" kicks into gear. Do not forget, however, that "Return of the Jedi" was the Star Wars film that brought us Ewoks. BioWare sounds like they may want to do something similar.

"The third story is where you try and bring some fun and lightness back into it," Mass Effect director Casey Hudson told OXM. "One thing we tried to do with 'Mass Effect 2' was as well as bringing in the more mature stuff, we also tried to bring in a lot more humour so that we can go to these places without making it an overbearing experience."

And I'm fine with that, assuming it doesn't mean we'll end up getting the ME equivalent of Gungans in the next sequel. That probably won't be an issue, though, since Hudson wants to keep the focus on existing characters.

"I think we have a lot more fun this time through characters like Joker and EDI," he explained. "'Mass Effect 3' is going to be the epic conclusion... so, a lot more darkness but also a lot more humor."

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