'Kane and Lynch' Movie Looking For A New Director?

Kane and Lynch movie

The "Kane and Lynch" movie may have Bruce Willis locked down to play Kane and Jamie Foxx for Lynch, butthe film may be looking for a director to replace "Hancock" stunt coordinator Simon Crane, who has reportedly parted ways with the project. Meanwhile, Wayne Kramer, who most recently directed the Harrison Ford film "Crossing Over," may be in line to take over.

Crane just wasn't working out, according to an anonymous source at Millenium Films, who spoke to Latino Review. "Law Abiding Citizen" director F. Gary Gray may have also been under consideration, but apparently passed on the film. Willis, Foxx and a script by Kyle Ward are still a part of the production, though.

Even if this rumor holds water, it's important to remember that this new development is still just in the friendly talking stage. Millenium does have a respectable number of pieces in place to get this film made, but until they have a director nailed down, anything is possible.

In the meantime, "Kane and Lynch 2" is in active production and should be out soon, so stay alert for more details on that front as E3 inches ever closer.

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