'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock' Adding Story, Keeping DS Collaboration

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

"Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock," the Neversoft game that's got outed on Amazon.com this week, will be ported to the Wii courtesy of Vicarious Visions. The Gene Simmons-narrated adventure game will be keeping Nintendo DS collaboration around for three different "Roadie" modes, but the the enriched story that the franchise will be introducing sounds like someone behind the scenes was inspired by "Brutal Legend."

"You've seen the albums with rivers of chrome and guys on horses with bat wings and stuff — king drawing inspiration from that over-the-top rock-'n'-roll fantasy," Neversoft project lead Brian Bright told Nintendo Power.

The plot sounds like something from the mind of the late Ronnie James Dio and includes many of the same story elements and themes that Tim Schafer poured into his Jack Black vehicle last year.

"The Beast defeats the demigod of rock, and the demigod of rock is entombed in stone, and his legendary guitar is banished," Bright explained. "[The guitar] is the source of his power. And so you are going through and assembling an army of warriors to be able to defeat the beast."

There will of course be music too.

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