'Red Dead Redemption' Multiplayer Guide To Unlocks: Weapons, Mounts And Characters

Red Dead Redemption

"Red Dead Redemption" doesn't just have a strong single-player component. The multiplayer easily bests any of Rockstar's previous multiplayer efforts, allowing players to ride the plains and complete missions with their own posse of friends.

When you hop into multiplayer for the first time, you'll notice that you're not playing as John Marston. Instead you'll be given a random base character taken from a handful of different groups. Oh, and that awesome horse you had in single-player? Yeah, replaced by a mule. Completing missions and scoring kills in multiplayer will grant experience which will allow you to rank up and unlock new playable characters, weapons and mounts. There are 50 ranks, as well as a Prestige-style "Legendary" mode which allows players to revert back to Rank 1 once they hit 50, but with the added benefit of fancy new unlockables.

Since hitting level 50 is likely to take many, many play sessions, I thought it'd be a good idea to let you know what you're working towards. Here's the breakdown of the unlockables in "Red Dead Redemption" multiplayer.

Weapons and Mount Unlocks

Character Unlocks

Red Dead Redemption

Weapons And Mounts

Rank 1 - Cattleman Revolver, El Senor Mount

Rank 2 - Repeater Carbine

Rank 3 - Throwing Knives

Rank 4 - Lusitano Nag Mount

Rank 5 - Volcanic Pistol

Rank 6

Rank 7

Rank 8 - Winchester Repeater, Turkmen Mount

Rank 9 - Schofield Revolver

Rank 10

Rank 11 - Pump Action Shotgun

Rank 12

Rank 13 - Springfield Rifle

Rank 14

Rank 15 - Dynamite

Rank 16

Rank 17 - Double-Action Revolver

Rank 18 - Sawed Off Shotgun

Rank 19

Rank 20 - Rolling Block Sniper Rifle

Rank 21

Rank 22 - Fire Bottle, Cleveland Bay Mount

Rank 23

Rank 24 - Semi-Automatic Pistol

Rank 25

Rank 26 - Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Rank 27

Rank 28 - Carcano Sniper Rifle

Rank 29

Rank 30

Rank 31

Rank 32 - Henry Repeater

Rank 33 - Hungarian Half-Bred Mount

Rank 34

Rank 35 - High Power Pistol

Rank 36

Rank 37 - Double-Barrel Shotgun

Rank 38

Rank 39

Rank 40 - Bolt-Action Rifle, American Standardbred Mount

Rank 41

Rank 42

Rank 43 - Evans Repeater

Rank 44

Rank 45

Rank 46 - LeMat Revolver

Rank 47

Rank 48

Rank 49 - Mauser Pistol

Rank 50 - Buffalo Rifle, Bonzo Mount (Bull)

Legendary 1, Rank 50 - Buffalo Mount

Legendary 2, Rank 50 - Albino Buffalo Mount

Legendary 3, Rank 50 - Super Bull Mount

Legendary 4, Rank 50 - Zebra Donkey Mount


As you rank up, you'll earn playable characters scattered across different groups (such as Rebels, Lawmen, Federales, etc). Since the characters are sorted by name and not by what they look like, a list of names is not tremendously useful information to you. Thankfully, someone on YouTube has provided an excellent video which includes all the Legendary unlockable characters, as well as a glimpse of each of weapons and mounts.