Voice of Mario Wants A Waluigi-Centric Game

Charles Martinet

Mario's name has appeared on the cover of hundreds of games. His brother, Luigi, has even stepped into the spotlight with his own title, "Luigi's Mansion." Even Mario's fattest foe, Wario, has two separate series that bear his name, the long running "WarioWare" mini-game collections, and the under-appreciated "Wario Land" games. However, the man that voices all of these characters would love to see another, even more rotten member of the Mushroom Kingdom take center stage for once: Waluigi.

Speaking to me last week at an exclusive pre-release "Super Mario Galaxy 2" gathering for Club Nintendo members at the Nintendo World Store, Charles Martinet told me that, although Mario is his favorite Nintendo character, he also loves Luigi and Waluigi. Going so far as to say that he'd "love to see a Waluigi game where you have to cheat to win, ya know. That would be funny." He continued, in Waluigi's voice, saying, "Waaa Everybody's cheating but me!"

Best known as Wario's lanky accomplice, Waluigi getting his own game might be a bit of a long shot. While it isn't unprecedented for Nintendo to release games that don't star plumbers (see: "Super Princess Peach"), one would hope that Bowser might be able to land his own title first. The closest he's gotten was a shared stage with M&L in "Bowser's Inside Story."

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