7-Eleven Items Already Appearing In Zynga Titles

Neapolitan Cows in FarmVille

Even though the "FarmVille" promotion with 7-Eleven was scheduled to start on 1 June, there have already been themed goods appearing across Zynga games, including "FarmVille," "YoVille" and "Mafia Wars."

Players have been buying themed snacks for a week or so now in order to get their hands on a redeemable code. The evidence is already here though, as goods such as Neapolitan Cows have been showing up on farms.

If you want to be involved in this promotion, and are looking to land some exclusive gifts for any of your games, the we suggest you get to the local 7-Eleven as soon as possible. Many "FarmVille" players have been snapping up the codes to make sure they get their share, even though there is a limit set in place: 10 gifts per day, three per product type.