Google Bringing 'Plants. vs. Zombies' and 'Lego Star Wars' To Chrome Store

Plants vs. Zombies

Google hasn't followed through with their plans to host gaming through YouTube just yet, but they're one step closer today thanks to some announcements about the online web app store for their Chrome browser and OS. "Plants. vs. Zombies" and "Lego Star Wars" will be among the high-profile titles hopping into their marketplace, thus continuing the "PvZ" romp toward conquering every platform known to mankind.

Google announced their new offerings at the I/O developer conference in San Franciso, according to Engadget. Sports Illustrated, Digg and Pandora were also on display in the menu from the presentation, though a big date for their arrival didn't come with the news.

I would imagine as Google's tablet and Android plans continue to materialize this summer Chrome will be an important front to keep an eye on. What I'm really interested in is when and if they plan on cross-pollinating, as Microsoft plans on doing. If the apps work across Mac and PC versions, this store may turn into a competitor for Steam, too, which will be something to watch.

For now, it looks like you'll have one more chance to play "PvZ," just in case the other billion ways it's available didn't suit your fancy yet.

Do you have a platform of choice that "PvZ" hasn't arrived on yet? What do you make of Google's Chrome announcements? Share your reactions in the comment section below.