New 'Guitar Hero' Leaving Playable Celebrities Behind

Guitar Hero 5

In the wake of the legal disputes brought forward by Courtney Love over Kurt Cobain's use in "Guitar Hero 5" and No Doubt over their appearance in "Band Hero," no one should be be surprised that playable celebrities aren't being planned for the next Guitar Hero game. Nevertheless, that's what a new report states with early details on the title.

Activision will look to pull off a "back to basics approach," including the return of "past Guitar Hero characters" and "no real-world celebrities as playable characters," according to an Official Xbox Magazine article spotted by GoNintendo. Unlockable character alter-egos are reportedly also in the works, as are Queen, Kiss and Black Sabbath music and Gene Simmons as a narrator for the game's "Quest Mode."

It should be noted that Activision has disputed both Love and No Doubt's accusations over playable celebrity options, but in a year where lawsuits have been more numerous than usual at Activision, it's understandable that they might want to invest their resources in safer alternatives until the Love and No Doubt cases are resolved in court.

Personally, I loved the arcadier, cartoonier feel of the old Guitar Hero cast, and I think the series can only benefit from getting back in touch with its roots while exploring new styles of gameplay.

Do you think Activision is making the right call with a back-to-basics approach for their next GH game? Did you like playing as Cobain? Share your reactions in the comment section below.