'Red Dead Redemption' Shipping With Exclusive PS3 Content

Red Dead Redemption

In addition to Rockstar Games Social Club features, free co-op DLC and an M rating due some sex on a table, PlayStation 3 owners appear to be getting two exclusives next week with their copies of "Red Dead Redemption."

PS3 owners with early copies of next week's Rockstar release have been pleasantly surprised by "access to Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout and the Walton Gang Outfit," according to a post on GameInformer.com. The extra clothing will give you a snazzy top hat for a little kiss of T-Pain-style fashion during your violent Western excursions.

The game's packaging reportedly states that these are PS3-only inclusions, so if you're a two-system operator, this may be important information for you as you weigh your options. Whether these details mean that the 360 will be getting something as well or that Sony pulled a fast one on their competition with a secret last-minute pot-sweetener will just have to wait until some Xbox copies make their way to the public, so keep your eyes peeled while your wallets are still holstered.

Will a little exclusive content have any impact on which system you buy "RDR" for? What's your impression of the game right now? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.