Activision-Owned Domain Names Hint At Sci-Fi 'Call of Duty'

Call of Duty Future Warfare

The Call of Duty series has already been visited by the ghosts of warfare past and present, so it only stands to reason that Activision might consider hitting the fast forward button for an upcoming title. A smattering of domain names recently registered by Activision indicate that such plans could be in motion, and with a new mystery title in development for 2011 at Sledgehammer Gamers, "Call of Duty: Future Warfare" and "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" just became game-name candidates.

Variations of,,, and showed up in a laundry list of URL's secured by Call of Duty's publisher, according to the results of a search performed by Superannuation.

Some of these are probably just safety buys for the meantime while a title gets finalized, but if any of them end up being used for Sledgehammer's game, the direction they plan on taking their installment in seems clear. And let's not rule out the possibility of a red herring move on Activision's part to distract us all while they develop "Call of Duty: Neolithic Warfare," Call of Duty: Napoleonic Warfare" or "Call of Duty: The Cola Wars." After all, they have to know people are watching these name purchases.

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