'Bulletstorm' Lead Writer Discusses 'Fear Agent' Similarities And Differences


The "Bulletstorm" trailer which premiered yesterday demonstrated the frantic action the developers are trying to capture. Based solely on the trailer it doesn't really look like a thought-provoking, story-based think piece, but the developers at People Can Fly were dead set on making sure the story got ample attention. To that end, they brought in Rick Remender, known for his brilliantly over-the-top "Fear Agent" comic series, as lead writer.

Remender is hardly a newcomer to the games industry. In a recent interview, he mentioned his work as a storyboard artist on EA's James Bond series of games. More recently, he was one of the writers on the original "Dead Space," so clearly he's got the chops to write a video game story.

It wasn't, however, his video game experience that enticed Adrian Chmielarz, the founder of People Can Fly, to bring Remender on as the lead writer of "Bulletstorm." Remender explained that Chmielarz "is a big fan of my 'Fear Agent' comic book and thought that, tonally, it fit will with what he wanted 'Bulletstorm' to be."

Certainly there are similarities between "Bulletstorm" and "Fear Agent." Both feature sci-fi settings and over-the-top action, but Remender is quick to note where they diverge. "The more I got into 'Bulletstorm,' the more I had to separate my mind from the 'Fear Agent' universe and get it into a more militaristic place."

Much of this divergence comes from the main characters being very different people.

"In terms of 'Fear Agent,' we've got an alcoholic in Heath Houston who is scuttling around the universe. The focus on Heath is that he's sort of a walking wound. He's a damaged human being who has real drinking problems. He's a legitimate alcoholic and that's his character.

"What we've got here in 'Bulletstorm' with Grayson Hunt is more of a disillusioned black ops soldier and a guy who had been misused. A loyal soldier and member of a crack squad known as Dead Echo who discovers he's been misused by the forces that be. 'Bulletstorm' has heart and emotion, for sure, but it goes in a much different direction than 'Fear Agent.'"

Both heroes are clearly broken individuals, but for very different reasons. Thankfully their haunted pasts don't intrude too much on their ability to blast enemies in the face with laser guns. But while "Fear Agent" features impossible-looking aliens as Houston's usual fodder, "Bulletstorm" will pit Hunt against mutated humans on the planet Stygia.

Remender describes the scene as "mutated Road Warrior," as Stygia is populated with "gangs of humans with various mutations." Savage is the best way to describe Stygia, a place where everyone still alive has probably killed a few people to stay that way.

While the combat will be focused on taking out these gangs, the story will involve discovering the origin of the planet itself, and how it came to be such a f***ed up place.

Even if they don't get carrier away with the mythos, though, Remender just wants people to have a good time experiencing "Bulletstorm." "I've worked really hard on this to make the lines punchy and fun and keep the characters defined and all I can do is hope that people respond to that."

So long as it doesn't get in the way of melting some dude's skin off, I think people should be into it.