'Happy Island' Coming To iPad and iPhone

Happy Island Screenshot

If you can't get enough of "Happy Island" on Facebook and are sick of waiting for "FarmVille" to land in portable form, then a remedy could be here. With almost 10 million active monthly users "Happy Island" is the newest title to capitalize on the social networking games market- and guess what- it's coming to iPhone and iPad soon.

While "Happy Island" hardly has the most original premise, it must be doing something right to gain such popularity. It's a simple title tasking players with managing their own island, ensuring that the inhabitants are kept happy and healthy. It's also a social event, as players can visit other islands, purchase items in foreign shops and act a fool by dropping litter.

More interestingly, "Happy Island" is looking to strive on a technical level. Just like the recently released "Steam Play" for Mac and PC, "Happy Island" will enable players to switch between platforms at will. Got to run an errand but can't get enough? Fire it up on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone instead then.

Gameplay is synced across platforms in real-time via the new Sibblingz game engine that we reported yesterday.