'Bulletstorm' Trailer Sells The Whole 'Burnout'-With-Guns Concept

The name "Bulletstorm" is actually more descriptive than I would've guessed, having watched the trailer of Epic's People Can Fly-developed FPS. While there isn't a literal storm made of bullets, the trailer does a great job demonstrating the insane chaos that comes along with getting bonus points for wacky kills.

The closest comparison I can think of would be to "The Club," Bizarre Creation's 3rd person action hybrid from 2008. But I don't think a ton of people played that game, so we'll go with an FPS that mixes in the frenetic joys of "Burnout," which offers up a similar vibe.

People Can Fly knows out to make somewhat mindless (yet really fun) FPS games, if "Painkiller" was any indication, so I'm definitely looking forward to "Bulletstorm." It looks like solid skin-melting fun.