'Pokemon Black' And 'White' Starters Emerge From The Shadows

Pokemon Black and White

Right now, we can't be 100-percent sure that a Grass Pokémon named Tsutaja, a Fire Pokémon named Pokabu and a Water Pokémon named Mijumaru will comprise your starter set of critters in "Pokémon Black" and "White." In fact, they will almost certainly have different names in the U.S. version. But a leaked magazine image seems pretty confident about what they look like, as well as who the new trainers for the game are.

"Black" and "White" will be set in the new Isshu Region, the trainers will be a little older than in previous games, these three creatures will be on hand for the beginning of the game, according to info from the Japanese magazine CoroCoro as translated on Serebii.net, where it was seen by El33tOnline. Two new moves will reportedly be available for battles as well, including a "Trickery" option that calculates an attack based on an opponent's stats and "Claw Sharpen," which raises Attack and Accuracy stats.

All of this is unofficial, though, since the scans someone found came from an unreleased issue. That means things could change and are totally unofficial for the time being, but I'm sure you can get a reasonably accurate idea of what "Black" and "White" will be like based on what the pages have to say.

How do these three starter Pokémon sound to you? Do you think aging the series' protagonists is good call? Share your reactions in the comment section below.