'Necromancer' Getting New Life As DSiWare

Necromancer DSi

If Square Enix can dust off their old Final Fantasy games for portable devices, why shouldn't Hudson Soft do the same with one of its classic RPG titles? That appears to be what they have in mind for a DSiWare "Necromancer" release that's going to retool "Necromancer 2" for the platform and call it "Evil Sacred Sword: Necromancer — Nightmare Reborn."

"Nightmare Reborn" will hit Japanese DSi's in June for 800 DSiWare points ($8), according to a Famitsu report spotted by Siliconera. There's no promise of a U.S. release in there, but Hudson has brought DSiWare releases over to North America before, so such localization may not be out of the question.

Horror/fantasy RPG fans aren't exactly a well-serviced demographic on the DSi right now, so I say they should go for it. If translation is their biggest hurdle, sending "Necromancer" across the Pacific may also be a useful exercise for Hudson to see how receptive an American audience is to their franchise. Granted, the brand may not have the same base of nostalgia to cater to outside of Japan, but there's no time like the present to start reaching out to new fans.

Would you like to see "Necromancer" get a U.S. DSiWare release? What genres do you think need be better represented on the DSi? Share your opinions in the comment section below.