'Modern Warfare 2' Map Pack 2 Release Date Revealed

Modern Warfare 2

The first "Modern Warfare 2" map pack, titled the "Stimulus Package," was an enormous success. Map pack 2 is hoping to follow that same trend when it releases on Xbox Live on June 3. Titled the "Resurgence Pack," the DLC will add five maps to "Modern Warfare 2." Details on pricing and the actual maps that will appear are still unknown, but given the sales numbers of the first "Modern Warfare 2" map pack, a $15 price tag seems likely.

The pack will be a timed exclusive on Xbox 360, with PC and PS3 versions coming sometime afterwards.

Two map packs were always planned for "Modern Warfare 2," with the potential for more coming after those released. By releasing the "Resurgence Pack" in June, it gives Activision five months of time to release additional DLC before "Call of Duty: Black Ops" releases in November. Now it's just a question as to whether they'll cash-in on the DLC demand. Seems likely. This is Activision we're talking about.

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