Sibblingz Reveal Social Gaming Platform With Crowdstar

Sibblingz Facebook Image

Sibblingz has released a social gaming platform that lets players enjoy their downloads across multiple devices. The first developer to get on board are Crowdstar, sister company to Sibblingz and much revered Facebook publisher.

If developers are willing to utilize Burlingame, a Sibblingz social game engine, they'll be able to create games that can be quickly distributed onto social networks and mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android hardware.

Somewhat excitingly, players can communicate and play cross-platform, meaning they can be connected to their friends 24/7. As social gaming is dependent on this kind of connectivity, Sibblingz believes its platform is important as it allows friends to find and play with each other on the platform of their choice. It can also potentially save developers millions in production costs, and enable a speedy release for their titles across a broad range of platforms.

Alongside Crowdstar, game developer Sixits is also using the Sibblingz platform. Crowdstar have already successfully used the engine to develop "Happy Island," a Facebook title that currently has around 12 million monthly active users.

Sibblingz believes it will take three months for cross-platform games to be launched after the initial release. It also lets companies monetize titles that are available for free by including a virtual currency system that allows players to buy virtual goods with real money.

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