PSP 2 On The E3 Guest List?


PSP 2 rumors are nothing new, even in conjunction with E3 expectations this year. Two anonymous publishers have reportedly begun investing their marketing dollars into things PSP-related for Q4 of 2010, though, and barring some surprise sales numbers announcements for the PSPgo, there's a high degree of probability that such actions could be be connected to a new Sony portable device ready to be unveiled in June.

These mysterious sources spoke to MCV, as did a third publishing rep, who indicated that their company is waiting on Sony to make a PSP-related announcement before moving forward with their own initiatives for the platform.

The last weeks before E3 are of course a magical time of year, where every flinch and twitch at a major company gets scrutinized to the nth degree and the lines between leaks, fantasy and reality tend to blur a bit. Furthermore, the anonymous sources in this case are speaking from a purely speculative position and not one from inside at Sony. Still, their instincts are worth considering since the term "PSP 2" has slipped out before.

Do you think Sony will announce a new PSP at E3? What would you like to see them include with such a device? Share your opinions in the comment section below.