'Red Dead Redemption' Gets Rockstar Games Social Club Features

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar's community experience for "Red Dead Redemption" won't stop at the game's free co-op DLC in June. In fact, the Rockstar Games Social Club is already getting prepped for the release date next week, and whole stampede of features are going to be set up, including challenges, a newspaper, stats and leaderboards.

The content and events, which will be accessible in-game, have all been posted up at the official Rockstar Games Social Club newsfeed, which says that sanctioned multiplayer happenings will commence on Friday May 21 for the PlayStation 3 and Saturday May 22 on Xbox 360s. Team members from Rockstar San Diego will reportedly be on board for those if you feel like taking them on.

Other resources accessible through the service include a comprehensive checklist of details and unlockables. A few of these elements sound like they may be redundant if you're already on Xbox Live, but "Blackwater Ledger" news reports and competitions should provide more than enough reason to stop by and see what's going on if you pick up "RDR." Besides, it's all free, so you won't have to go out and rob a bank or take a bullet to gain access.

Do you plan on snagging a copy of "Red Dead Redemption" next week? Which Social Club features interest you the most? Sound off in the comment section below.

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