Exclusive: 'CUBE' Director Desperate To Make Video Game Version, Seeking Designer

If you haven't seen "CUBE," shame on you. The film told the tale of a handful of ordinary people who discover that they've been kidnapped and placed in a massive cube-shaped labyrinth filled with deadly traps. To escape, they're forced to work together and, at times, turn on one another in a desperate bid for survival. It was "SAW" before "SAW" and, despite a so-so sequel, the original still has a ton of fans.

The director of "CUBE," Vincenzo Natali, recently spoke to MTV News about his latest project, "Splice," which hits theaters on June 4. He was more than happy to discuss his seminal work. When asked if he wanted to return to the "CUBE" franchise, Natali only saw one course of action:

"I would very much like to do a 'Cube' game, I'd love to do a game. When I was writing it with my writing partner, Andre [Bijelic], we were saying to each other, Are we writing a film or are we writing a game? It's always been amazing to me that no one has attempted to turn it into a game. I would very much like to do that. That's how I'd like to go back into the 'Cube' world."

He didn't stop there. Natali went so far as to petition the gaming industry at large, saying, "If there are any game designers out there, give me a call."

Apparently he partially owns the game rights to "CUBE" and says all he needs to make it happen is for someone to come to him with the drive to pull it off.

Based on the success of "Portal," it seems as if the world is very supportive of puzzle-based torture labyrinth games. (Who even knew that was a genre?) The premise of "CUBE" screams out for some gaming attention, so here's hoping there's some developer out there who is up to the challenge. Preferably not the same developer behind the "SAW" game.