'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Won't Launch Before March 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you've noticed an alarming pattern recently among headlines stating that things won't happen before March 2011, don't worry. It's not that there's some inherent doomsday scenario associated with that month; it's just the end of the current fiscal year. Nevertheless, while the fiscal year cycle may put timetables on project's like Capcom's "Mega Man Online," it can also force companies' hands to reveal things we won't see by that point, such as "Star Wars: The Old Republic."

"EA is incurring significant development costs for a major new massively multiplayer online game," EA CEO John Riccitiello said during a fourth-quarter earnings conference call, according to Joystiq. "However, this game is not expected to ship in fiscal '11."

There is a presumption here that the game in question is definitely "The Old Republic," but given that the Star Wars MMO is expected to be EA's most expensive project to date, it seems like a safe bet. The fiscal year wraps on March 31, so look ahead to April through June next year as a potential window for the game to come out and still meet its expected spring deadline.

Would you rather see "Star Wars: The Old Republic" come out before next March? What do want to see EA and BioWare get right when it finally appears? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.