Used EA Sports Titles To Charge You $10 For Online Play

EA Sports Online Pass

"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11" won't use Project Natal, and it won't allow free online play if you buy it used. EA will premier their new EA Sports Online Pass with Tiger's new title, and the system they devised will charge you $10 if you pick up a game secondhand and want to compete against other Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners for more than 7 days.

"It’s quite simple – every game will come with a game-specific, one-time use registration code with each unit sold new at retail," EA Sports senior vice president of world wide development Andrew Wilson said in an FAQ on "With your Online Pass, you’ll have access to multiplayer online play, group features like online dynasty and leagues, user created content, and bonus downloadable content for your game including, for example, a new driver in 'Tiger.'"

If the code for your game has already been redeemed, it will also have a one-time 7-day day free trial pass associated with it. You'll also be given the opportunity to buy another full pass for $10. Neither of these options are going to be of much use to you, though, if you rent an EA Sports game and both the original pass code and 7-day trial pass have been used. Basically, you'll probably just need to get used to playing rented EA Sports titles online unless you're a lucky first-time renter.

Do you think EA Sports' Online Pass system is fair? Would you pay $10 to play a used game online? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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