'Quake 3' Ported To A Nexus One

Quake 3 On Nexus One

The Nexus One is pretty powerful phone — powerful enough, it would appear, that its Snapdragon Processor barely blinks running a port of "Quake 3." The phonetically similar title "Kwaak 3" is a modified version of the PC FPS classic that has run on Android phones before, but a new video presents it in good shape on HTC's device.

"I had seen ports of Quake3 to the iphone and the N900 which have similar specifications (all use a similar CPU and the PowerVR GPU), so I thought why not bring Quake3 to Android," user thunderbird2k wrote on Code.Google.com. "As a start point I used the N900 version of ioquake3. It only took me a day to get the game to compile and to load the Quake3 main-function. After that it took me a few more days to get OpenGL and some input working."

A demo of the Nexus One port, which uses the tracking ball and volume controls to get your player around, showed up on YouTube and looks mighty impressive, right down to the violent frags.

Quake lovers should love this. I'm sure in five years we'll all feel ancient 6-year-olds are porting "Crysis 2" to the Android phones, though.

What games would you like to see ported for Android phones? Are you impressed by this user's work on "Kwaak 3"? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.