'Mega Man Online': Capcom's First Mega Man MMO?

Mega Man Online

Capcom raised some eyebrows by trademarking "Mega Man Universe," and now they've stoked the fires of speculation by acknowledging a new mystery project "Mega Man Online." The title appeared in the context of the company's plans between now and the end of their fiscal year March of 2011.

Part of Capcom's plan to bolster their presence in the online space, specifically in Asia, includes the "joint development of 'Mega Man Online' with Neowiz Games Corporation of Korea," according to an English-language version of their investor presentation posted on Capcom.co.jp. Little more is officially stated beyond that revelation, but on a related note the report cites "Monster Hunter Frontier Online" as a success and states that Capcom wants to leverage its success in Japan to enlarge their user base.

Given the name and these goals, an MMO would make a great deal of sense, particularly when the genre has a proven track record in Japan and other East Asian countries. Neowiz has such online titles as "Duel Gate" and "Battlefield Online" on its list of credits, though, so there is a breadth of possibilities encompassing action and shooter games that could take Mega Man elsewhere — perhaps in or around their mysterious new Universe.

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