Why Can't 'Iron Man 2' (The Game) Be As Good As 'Iron Man 2' (The Movie)?

Iron Man 2

Despite all hopes to the contrary, the past two "Iron Man" games have been mediocre at best. It's a shame, as there are few super heroes that seem like a better fit for a video game than Tony Stark, and yet all we've gotten are uninspired action releases with shoddy controls and graphics. There are elements which are, quite simply, missing from the "Iron Man" games which I think would do wonders to make them more, well, good.

More Suit Customization

"Iron Man 2" featured some clever weapon customization elements, but they were buried in cumbersome menus and never really felt like that made that much of a difference. Offering up a more RPG-style build-up of Iron Man's skills and appearance would be awesome. Spending points on flight speed, armor and accuracy would be cool, but only if these improvements changed the overall look of the Iron Man suit.

Stay On The Ground…Mostly

Unless you're playing a flight sim, spending the majority of your time in the air can lead to uninspired level design and frustrating combat where you're surrounded by dozens of enemies. I appreciate that Iron Man can fly, but if you look at most of his fights in the movies, they only get really good when he's on the ground, going toe-to-toe.

My recommendation? Follow in the footsteps of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." It may feel like a "God of War" knock-off, but the best way to make you feel like a powerful superhero is to keep most of the battles up close and personal. You can still have a flight mission or two if you really want ("Star Fox"-style, of course), and you can still hover through combos like in "Marvel Ultimate Alliance," but non-stop flight is a no-go.


If the "Iron Man 2" movie taught us anything, it's that the team-up of War Machine and Iron Man equals awesome. Imagine if you could play through an entire "Iron Man" game with a buddy, each taking on a different suit. The dichotomy of the two characters is strong enough that it's sure to create some friendly rivalries and, when you work together, awesome things are sure to occur.

Just make sure it's drop-in, drop-out. There are times when Tony Stark just wants to fly without a wingman, you know?