Zynga Set To Divorce Facebook?


Ever since Facebook announced it is to make changes to the way it deals with gaming, the relationship with Zynga has reportedly gone downhill. Seemingly a match made in heaven, TechCrunch.com has reported that Zynga already has a backup plan in place to escape Facebook's grip. Rumored to be named Zynga Live, this is likely to be the company's own social networking site.

If you hadn't seen it coming, you should have done. Zynga have been asking players for their email addresses in order to continue playing their games for a while now. This makes sense as the company have been pulling out all the stops to capture user data and records, as reports suggest the "FarmVille" creators are going to try and get players to migrate away from Facebook very shortly.

According to the TechCrunch article, talks between Zynga and Facebook boiled over when negotiating the use of Facebook credits- the new way for players to pay for extra content. It's going to be a bold step for Zynga to keep their fan base outside the hallowed walls of Facebook, as many players are sure to decide against making the switch over. As the changes begin, watch this space for any new details we receive.