'Fable 3' To Feature Ben Kingsley As King Of Mist Peak

Sir Ben Kingsley

When "Fable 3" wraps up, presumably on schedule by Thanksgiving, actors Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and John Cleese will have at least least one Oscar winner joining them in the voice-acting credits. Sir Ben Kingsley of "Gandhi" and "The Wackness" fame has announced his participation, and he sounds enthused.

"I'm a voice in a new video game shortly — 'Fable 3,'" the Academy Award-winning actor told CVG. "I'm a wonderful wizard character who is the king of Mist Peak."

He also chimed in on the subject of video game voice acting as it relates to film, and it's a trade he believes to be worthy of respect.

"It's very energising and good for us actors to realise that [acting] is so diverse now," Kingsley explained. "[Games] are as big a jump now as I suppose when cinema was invented, when people went from the stage to the cinema thinking: It's not really acting, is it? Now, it's video games — and it is acting. It's very demanding."

For any of you haters out there who have dismissed voice acting as a legitimate profession in the past, this means Sir Ben may have a bone to pick if he catches you mouthing off anytime soon. We'll remind you that he's been knighted.

Does Ben Kingsley sound like a good choice for "Fable 3" to you? What do you make of the game's cast thus far? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.