'Blur' Could Appear On Handheld Systems 'In The Future'


The Bizarre Creations team behind "Blur" has been willing to integrate competition across platforms and community event playlists, and they're willing to put together some post-launch DLC, but they probably won't be the ones bringing it to handheld systems like the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. That doesn't mean that at a handheld release couldn't happen without them, however.

"Not right now. But maybe in the future," lead designer Gareth Wilson told VG247 when asked about portable possibilities. "And to be honest, handheld is not something that we would do anyway."

Wilson seemed open to the idea going forward, though, even if Bizarre doesn't take care of such a port on-site in Liverpool.

"It is something that we would get someone else to do," he explained. "Just license out the rights to the game. We’re not really set up for handheld development here."

Swedish developers at Pixelbite, for instance, handled last year's "Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition" for Zune HD. Bizarre has made it's name in racing for bigger, meatier systems. I don't see any reason that a pared-down edition of "Blur" wouldn't work on a small screen, but everyone's probably going to want to see how it does on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC first.

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