'Monopoly Streets' To Give Board Gaming A 'GTA'-Style Makeover


Namco's update plans for Pac-Man's 30th birthday may be a mystery, but EA and Hasbro have gone public with their new 3-D, open-world approach for "Monopoly" now that the board game is 75. "Monopoly Streets," which as of now doesn't sound like it has a direct connection to Ridley Scott's "Monopoly" movie, will be a fully rendered imagining of what the classic table-top past time would look like in real life.

"We're taking Hasbro's No. 1 family game brand and masterfully striking the balance of offering the classic 'Monopoly' play experience and adding a spectacular new visual treatment as we bring the classic board to life with players walking the streets of 'Monopoly,'" general manager and senior vice president of EA's Hasbro Division Chip Lange said in a press release. "'Monopoly Streets' will bring people together and connect families all over the world by offering online gameplay through their gaming consoles."

The initial description sounds like an experience somewhere between "Grand Theft Auto" and "Sim City" with a hint of "Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon." Downloadable content, optional house rules and avatar accessories will all be a part of the picture, with some classic board game modes available for old fashioned tastes.

Rich Uncle Pennybags isn't mentioned explicitly, but surely he'll show up in there somewhere, probably to break you out of jail for parking illegally or something along those lines.

What you make of EA Play's new approach to "Monopoly"? Are there any other changes you'd like to see? Share your suggestions in the comment section below.