New Gaming Social Network Launches From RealNetworks


RealNetworks' GameHouse section is launching a social gaming platform that spans across Facebook, any website and mobile phones. Aimed at attracting more players to their titles, The GameHouse Fusion will bring together social, download and mobile play, and will also make it easier for consumers to share games.

The GameHouse network is capable of drawing in over 50 million players a month on a variety of platforms, which includes social networking sites such as MySpace and Comcast. Players on these sites have access to thousands of online titles, all of which they can send to their friends if they think it'll be of interest.

Matt Hullet, chief revenue officer at RealNetworks' GameHouse division, commented, "The social game space is exploding, but it’s exploding in silos. The different experiences on different platforms don’t talk to each other. The social network games don't link to the same games on the web or mobile phones."

An example of this is when a high-score has been set. Hullet said he could set a score online, and then be notified when his friend has overtaken it via his mobile phone. This kind of endless interactivity is something they're particularly looking to place an emphasis on.