Sony Releases 'The Agency: Covert Ops' Onto Facebook

The Agency: Covert Ops Artwork

Sony Online Entertainment has released their second Facebook game in the form of "The Agency: Covert Ops." Well known for popular MMO titles such as "EverQuest" and "Star Wars Galaxies", "The Agency: Covert Ops" is a "Mafia Wars" style game where you lead the life of a secret agent.

Players are tasked with unlocking items, working through mini-games, customizing their avatars and fighting through battles. The game also whets the appetite for the full retail release of "The Agency" that's hitting the PlayStation 3 and PC later this year.

There's no doubt that Sony are taking this release seriously. If you've ever chowed down on "Mafia Wars" or "Vampire Wars," you'll be quickly at home here. There's a surprising amount of variety here with mini-games to decipher codes and other spy-related duties.

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