'Medal of Honor' Reboot Release Date Nailed Down

Medal of Honor

EA's focus on "making a great first person shooter" in an attempt to reclaim the FPS crown will be put to the test this fall. The "Medal of Honor" website has officially unveiled the release date for the series' relaunch, and the date to draw a target around on your calendar is October 12, unless of course you live in Europe, in which case you'll need to look ahead to October 15.

"Inspired by real people and real events, the game puts players in the boots of today’s warrior — from the infantry ground pounder to the Tier 1 Operator," "Medal of Honor" executive producer Greg Goodrich said in a press release. "We are proud of this piece because it offers a glimpse into the game we’re creating, while also showing the mindset of these warriors."

October 12 is now prominently displayed on MedalofHonor.com, where EA also has a new trailer set up. There, you'll be able to surmise that a U.S. Army Ranger, likely stationed in Afghanistan, is a part of the story, and he's got some family waiting for him back at home.

The game will focus on so called "Tier 1" operators who attempt as best they can to blend in with the surrounding culture they've been assigned to infiltrate. It will also be the first departure from World War II in the franchise's 11-year history. The more EA reveals, the harder it looks like it's going to be for them to keep the game apolitical, but the premise definitely sounds compelling.

What are your expectations like for "Medal of Honor"? Do you think EA will deliver? Sound off in the comment section below.