The Humble Indie Bundle Should Not Be Ignored

Humble Indie Bundle

With all the complaints about DRM and nasty giant publisher vs. giant developer spats, it's easy to become jaded in the harsh realm of video game retail. Hoping to stem the tide is Wolfire, who came up with The Humble Indie Bundle.

Here's how it works: The bundle includes five indie games. You can choose to pay anything you want for these games, and then you can even decide where your payment goes. Purchasers can pick what percentage of their money will go to the developers, or to Child's Play (which gives video games to childrens hospitals around the globe) or to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (a lobbying organization which fights for the rights of the electronic entertainment industry).

Personally I've only experienced three of the five games in the bundle ("Gish," "World of Goo" and "Aquaria") but I can honestly say that they're well worth whatever price of admission you see fit and offer about 30 hours of awesome. The other two games ("Lugaru HD" and "Penumbra: Overture") have also received huge amounts of praise in the indie gaming community, so I doubt you'll go wrong there.

I realize that when these "Pay What You Want" things go down, people usually put in a cent and feel like the pulled one over on everyone. But, if you can afford it, please donate something reasonable. Considering these games usually sell for $20 each, and considering your money will go directly to charity or poor indie developers, there's no reason to be skin flint.

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