David O. Russell In Line To Direct 'Uncharted' Movie?

Uncharted 2

Nolan North might want to see Hugh Jackman play Nathan Drake in Sony's big-screen "Uncharted" adaptation, but decision makers inside the studio reportedly still need to select a director. They may be close, though, as David O. Russell is reportedly on a short list of candidates. The man behind "Three Kings" and "I Heart Huckabees" could still have some competition, but if he makes it through the studios screening he could be the one to tackle a script by "Cowboys and Aliens" screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer.

Producers have several other candidates in mind and are still taking meetings with potential directors, according to anonymous sources speaking to the Los Angeles Times. Donnelly and Oppenheimer's treatment for the film sounds like it may be the one that makes it all on the way to production though.

"Uncharted" fans should also be interested to know that Kevin James' new movie "The Zookeeper" nabbed a summer 2011 slot on Sony's schedule that could now prevent their video game adaptation from being fast-tracked. If you're a "King of Queens" lover as well, that may not be terrible news, however.

Personally, I'd go see a Russell "Uncharted" movie. "Three Kings" showed that he can manage convincing action and atmosphere while still keeping his actors' performances edgy. He would definitely be capable of making the project memorable.

Do you think David O. Russell would be a good choice to helm "Uncharted"? Which directors should be under consideration as well? Share your proposals in the comment section below.