No Pound Fees In 'PetVille' For One Week Only

PetVille Screenshot

For all the "PetVille" fans that have been playing the game avidly since release, Zynga has announced that pound fees will be eliminated from the game for one week only as a thank you for the support.

So, what does this actually mean? If you haven't logged on in a while you'll know longer need to worry about losing your treasured pet. There's no need to pay a huge fee to aid your pet's return, as annoying pounds fees are nowhere to be seen for the entire week.

Instead of dropping a bomb of cash every time you log in, the fee for picking your pet up from the pound will be a grin-inducing zero coins. Although your pet is still likely to run away, the amount of money saved from not having to retrieve them can be spent on better things, such as decorations for your pet's house. We suggest you use the added cash flow while you can, before those hefty fees are put back in place.

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