EA: Respawn Team 'Fell Into Our Laps'

Respawn Entertainment

EA has already dished a bit a smack talk about the "Call of Duty" franchise, calling the "Call of Duty: Black Ops" developers at Treyarch a "B-team." They of course haven't hesitated to praise Infinity Ward's work on the "Modern Warfare" games, now that they've partnered with the studio's founders and their new home at Respawn Entertainment. To hear EA recount the tale of the partnernship, though, it sounds like the negotiation couldn't have been easier.

"The fact that we were able to take advantage of an opportunity that came our way and partner with Respawn and create a relationship with them has been spectacular, something that we're very excited about. It's a key part of how we're growing our EA Partners business going forward," EA Games label president Frank Gibeau told Gamasutra. "That was something that fell into our laps, after they were terminated and announced they were free and independent, and we went for it."

Gibeau called Jason West and Vince Zampella "big players" in the industry that are worthy of respect. It's hard to argue that point, given the success of "Modern Warfare 2," but Activision will certainly try when it comes to the subject of respect. They've accused the pair of "a myriad of improper activities" surrounding their departure from Infinity Ward. EA will obviously want to provide as much good word of mouth for West and Zampella's side as the court battles ensue.

Did Respawn's partnerships with EA come as a surprise to you? Do you think the deal was as easy as EA makes it sound? Sound off in the comment section below.