After 'Halo: Reach,' An RPG For Bungie?


The 10-year publishing deal Bungie signed with Activision will include at least one new IP. That much we know. Sony, meanwhile, wants the expected multiplatform title to be "'Halo' on steroids." A new job listing on Bungie's website doesn't mention anything about performance enhancing drugs, but it does list a few elements that would be right at home in an action/RPG game.

"Can you inspire artists to create whole worlds and races of creatures with a few, quality keystrokes?," Bungie's posting for a lead writer position reads on "Your words will help define Bungie's next game universe."

The description goes on to emphasize "branching or nonlinear narrative experience," which is the kind of thing someone would want in a game with multiple tracks, ending, or character development tracks. "Histories and legends, combat dialog, weapon descriptions etc." are all to be expected, but if Bungie's plotting something in the neighborhood of a "Fable" or "Fallout 3"-styled game, that's quite notable.

Bungie's been best known for their epic yet linear stories set in standard FPS formats for the last few years. It could be refreshing to see them venture out into some other genres of gameplay during this 10-year Activision adventure they've agreed to.

What kind of title would you like to see Bungie make? Do you want it to be an FPS? Share your expectations in the comment section below.