Activision 'In Discussions' To Greenlight Fan-Made 'King's Quest' Sequel

King's Quest The Silver Lining

The developers of the unofficial "King's Quest" sequel "The Silver Lining" received some bad news earlier this year when Activision opted to shut the project down altogether. Hope may not be lost, however, as Activision is reportedly reconsidering their position and a completed release could happen after all.

"Given the overwhelming community support for the Silver Lining project, Activision is in discussions with Phoenix Online Studios about allowing them to continue to finish the game and then release it to their fans," Activision said in a statement to Kotaku.

Considering "The Silver Lining" is a fan-built and fan-centered project for a property that previous owners Vivendi Universal and now Activision have done little to nothing to cultivate in recent years, they could do a lot worse by the series' following than signing off on Phoenix's efforts. Furthermore, a little good publicity and friendly fan service might go a long way for Activision this year. They made big headlines with their recent 10-year Bungie deal, but the Infinity Ward-related lawsuits in play right now could be taking up ink in the press for many months to come.

When all is said and done, Phoenix constructed "Silver Lining" as a labor of love, and if they aren't taking away income from Activision, there's little harm they could do to the "King's Quest" franchise and a whole lot they could do to renew interest.

Would you like to see "The Silver Lining" released to the public? What do you think Activision's position should be? Share your opinions in the comment section below.