A Brick-Breaking RPG? The Curiousity That Is 'AlphaBounce'


The development team at Mad Monkey Studio seems to have taken a liking to that line of thinking and applied it to the brick-breaker genre, and produced one of the most robust games to ever have anything to do with breaking blocks in their first DSiWare download, "AlphaBounce."

AlphaBounce"AlphaBounce" builds on the model of 2007's breakout hit "Puzzle Quest: The Challenge of the Warlords." Take an addictive game, add in a story, characters, RPG-elements, power-ups and an over world map. The end result is a game that's easy to play, because its core mechanics have already been established, but is more compelling to the player because the game itself actually pushes them to play more, as opposed to the player's need for a high score as the driving factor.

Unlike most games, the story in "AlphaBounce" isn't what helps carry the game. New balls and ship upgrades are unlocked by just beating the level that houses them on the map. It's any collector's dream game, because you don't have to trudge through dungeons to hopefully find one new item. "AlphaBounce" has them clearly marked on the map, and collecting them is as easy as beating that board.

The thing that sets "AlphaBounce" apart from the rest of the pack is that it tries harder. 25 million levels (!), a relatively coherent story, multiple characters, hundreds of ways to upgrade your paddle and ball. "AlphaBounce" may have its flaws but it's proof that brick breakers can leave their high scores in the past and grow into games that offer the player a more well-rounded experience.

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