'The Secret of Monkey Island' Released As Browser Game

The Secret of Monkey Island Artwork

Online game distribution company InstantAction has launched a Facebook version of LucasArts' classic point and click adventure "The Secret of Monkey Island." This is a unique release, as InstantAction have produced a code for the game that can be embedded as a widget in any web site, and therefore played right across the Internet.

This method means it becomes much easier for consumers to try out, purchase and download premium versions of their games. For web site owners, it's also a sly way of keeping viewers on their pages longer than they normally would be.

Based in Las Vegas, InstantAction is using LucasArts' 1990 PC game to debut its its direct-to-consumer online distribution service. Chief executive Louis Castle recently announced the service is aiming to cut down the friction that stops players trying, and indeed buying, new games online.

The power of the platform is that you can embed an online game in places where people are most likely to play it," Castle said in the announcement.

Contrary to the limitations of many Flash-based Facebook games, "The Secret of Monkey Island" is the first example highlighting that richer graphics and deeper gameplay experience can be produced through a web browser almost instantly. This is achieved through the new progressive downloading technology, which allows players to start the game before it's completely downloaded.