'FarmVille' Gifting System Updated


The gifting system in "Farmville" is seeing changes that will be unveiled over the last few weeks. Alongside the new option of being able to send and receive free gifts in the "FarmVille" game screen, two more significant changes have appeared.

By clicking on the envelope in the top right hand side of the screen, you can access the pop up that allows you to accept or ignore gifts, as well as neighbor requests or cries for help. Now, after accepting a gift, there is an option to send a "Thank You" gift in return. Much like Facebook, this simply arrives in the form of another pop up, allowing easy access and speeding up any loading times that could halt progress.

Another vital addition was made to this system at the beginning of the month. Players no longer need to reload their farm in order to receive gifts. After confirming, the items will appear in the gift box, and the number will change automatically after a short wait.