Street Fighter Forum Seeking Support For New York Fire Victim

Chris Hu

The "Super Street Fighter 4" fans of the Shoryuken forum have been instrumental in circulating news about new fighter costumes and new contestants in Capcom's upcoming release. The franchise's followers there have also stepped up in recent days to help a fellow gamer in need, though. Chris Hu's family lost their home and possessions in a horrendous New York City fire, and Shoryuken has been pitching in to lend a hand.

The forum set up a Paypal account to raise money for Chris and his family, who lost their life savings, according to an interview he gave on ABC. The Chinatown fire prompted a rare seven-alarm response by the New York City Fire Department, according to the report, and many of the building's residents lost everything.

So next time you go criticizing a message board community for being a bunch of trolls who contribute little more to society than snark, hate and raging statements of opinion framed as facts, remember that forums can do a lot of good in the world too. Also consider stopping over to Shoryuken and helping out. It sounds like Chris and his family members are going to have a rough road ahead.

What do you think of the response Chris's situation got on Shoryuken? Were you in the area when the fire erupted? Share your opinions in the comment section below.