'Super Street Fighter 4' Character Guide - Guy

Guy Character Shot

The "Super Street Fighter 4" version of Guy is like Brandon Lee's "The Crow." Guy's woman wasn't tossed from a beautiful window nor does he seek sweet, sweet revenge for a grave misdeed … but he does want to put the skids on Metro City's evil!

OK, the only reason Guy reminds us of anti-hero is the fact that his intro video in Arcade mode shows his silhouette bounding from city building to building against a night sky. Just add "Dead Souls" in the mix and boom, you get "The Crow."

Move Key

Forward [F]

Back [B]

Down Back [DB]

Down Forward [DF]

Up [U]

Quarter Circle [90]

Back Quarter Circle [-90]

Forward Half-Circle [180]

Back Half-Circle [-180]

Full Circle [360]

Special Moves

Hozanto - [D] [-90] + Punch

Bushin Senpukyaku - [D] [-90] + Kick

Bushin Izuna Otoshi - Motion [D] [90]+ Punch, Punch (when opponent is far, Bushin Izuna Ostoshi replaced with Elbow Drop)

Run - [D] [90] + Kick

Super Combo

Bushin Hasoken - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Punch

Ultra Combo

Bushin Goraisenpujin - Motion [D] [90] Motion [D] [90] + Kick Kick Kick

Bushin Muso Renge - Motion [F] [-180] Motion [F] [-180] + Punch Punch Punch


The other member of the "Final Fight" crew who made the transition to "Super Street Fighter IV" is the quick and athletic Guy. This red-robed warrior decides to join the tournament, not because he's bored unlike so many others, but because he's tired of seeing evil "prevail." Rather vague, but we're guessing Guy has Sagat's or M. Bison's, or Seth's numbers -- metaphorically, of course.

Like another new entrant, Ibuki, Guy requires an expert. His punches and kicks, while dazzling and lengthy, require precision. They also require an eye for patterns and combination opportunities, so stay frosty.

Without those things in mind, you'll find Guy to be nothing more than a poor but fast damage dealer. On a related note, learn how to judge distances in general. You'll need to be screen-weary to use Guy.

Stick to the air, bounce off the level's walls, and otherwise use Guy's phenomenal speed to your advantage. Run is the weapon of choice for when you decide to take the offensive as it can turn into a vicious slide or an aerial smashing depending on the heaviness of kick you employ after activating the move. When in a pinch or if you get an opponent guessing, whip out Bushin Senpukyaku or Hozanto. Both of these moves are fast special moves that can be easily chained with a flurry of normal blows or put a vicious break on a juggle.

Need information on other new characters? Stay tuned. Over the next few days we'll do more guides on the rest of the fresh entrants in "Super Street Fighter IV."

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